A list of films shot on Fire Island, New York by Sam Ashby

Day Dreams aka Cocktails (Richard Fontaine, 1950)
A Day at Fire Island (Young Physique, 1960)
Pose Please (Young Physique, 1960)
My Hustler (Andy Warhol, 1965)
Last Summer (Frank Perry, 1969)
Double Exposure (Peter de Rome, 1969)
Sticks and Stones (Stan Lopresto, 1970)
Dakota (Colt, 1970)
The Boys in the Sand (Wakefield Poole, 1971)
A Gift (Edward Parente, 1971)
Fire Island Kids (Peter de Rome, 1971)
The Erotic Films of Peter de Rome (Peter de Rome, 1973)
Fire Island (Derek Jarman, 1974)
Bayside (Target Studios, 1974)
Dune Fox aka On the Beach (Target Studios, 1975)
Dunes aka Jogging (Target Studios, 1976)
Beach Cowboy (Target Studios, 1976)
Anatomy of an Idol aka The Man (Target Studios, 1976)
The Destroying Angel (Peter de Rome, 1976)
Dune Buddies (Jack Deveau, 1978)
Full Circle aka In and Out (Unknown, 1979)
Fire Island Fever (Jack Deveau, 1979)
Just Blonds (Jack Deveau, 1979)
Boys in the Sand II (Wakefield Poole, 1984)
Parting Glances (Bill Sherwood, 1986)
Longtime Companion (Norman René, 1989)
It’s Big on Fire Island (LaMonte, 1995)
Dirty Baby Does Fire Island (Todd Downing, 1998)
Fire Island Cruising 1 (Michael Lucas, 2000)
Fire Island Cruising 2: Boys on Fire (Michael Lucas, 2001)
Fire Island Cruising 3 (Michael Lucas, 2002)
Fire Island Cruising 4 (Michael Lucas, 2002)
Fire Island Cruising 5 (Michael Lucas, 2003)
Fire Island Cruising 6 (Michael Lucas, 2004)
Fire Island Cruising 7 (Michael Lucas, 2005)
Meat Rack (Max Sohl, 2005)
Fire Island Cruising 8 (Michael Lucas, 2006)
Return to Fire Island (Michael Lucas, 2008)
Obsession (Michael Lucas & Mr. Pam, 2009)
Whorrey Potter & the Sorcerer’s Balls (Dominic Ford, 2010)
Fire Island Beef (Robert Van Damme & Dominic Ford, 2011)
Men in the Sand (Jake Deckard, 2012)
Fire Island (Francis Mead, 2013)
Love & Devotion (Adam Killian, 2013)
Kings of New York (Michael Lucas, 2013)
The Normal Heart (Ryan Murphy, 2014)
Fire Island Meat Rack (Dominic Ford, 2014)
Fire Island Staff House (Dominic Ford, 2014)
Fire Island Cruising Raw (Adam Killian & Jake Steel, 2015)
Fire Island House Boy (Dominic Ford, 2016)
Down to Fuck (Michael Lucas, 2016)

07_FireIslandKids copy11_JustBlonds copy12_PartingGlances copy

Originally published in Failed States issue no.1: island, September 2017

Sam Ashby is an artist and editor of the occasional queer film journal Little Joe. His first film, The Colour of His Hair, premiered at International Film Festival Rotterdam in January 2017. He is based in Yorkshire, UK.

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