A journal of indeterminate geographies


Failed States imagines how a journal might function as a research method for the study of place through the bringing together of ideas, explorations and experiences. It considers how an artist might act as publisher, thereby operating outside of the gallery system and its model for the making and distribution of work.

For each issue contributors are asked to respond to a broad theme: a terrain considered to possess qualities of amorphousness, wildness, instability, collapse, liminality, peripherality and/or delineation.

Failed States consists (largely) of short texts and photographs.


Issue no.1: island

For the first issue contributors were invited to respond to the theme of island within a suggested maximum word-count of 200. Contributors included Anh Do, Beth Bramich, Bryony Quinn, Cally Spooner, Calvin Seibert, Carrie Friese, Doris Ho-Kane, Eli Diner, Euan Macdonald, Fi Churchman, Gabriella Beckhurst, Isabel Taube, Jasleen Kaur, Jay Simpson, Jeremy Atherton Lin, Jesse Hewit, Joseph Curran, Joyce Dixon, Julie Lindow, Lucy Watson, Luke O’Sullivan, Martin John Callanan, Mary Hannity, Mary Manning, Matt Connors, Matt Wolf, Monique Mouton, Niki Ford, Nina Schack Kock, Olivia Laing, Oscar Gaynor, Paul Clinton, Richard Dodwell, Sam Ashby, Sam Williams and Thea Smith.

Art directed by Sandy McInnes, published and edited by Jamie Atherton.

Contributor’s contact details can be found here.


Issue no.2: suburb

The second issue of Failed States will be published in May 2018.

Contributions may potentially take any form: sentence, paragraph, list, recollection, anecdote, idea, proposition, biography, review, confession, cry for help, sms, email, letter, gossip, rumour, paranoia, admonishment, review, scheme, fantasy, fable, itinerary, footnote, key, instruction, script, notation, formula, score, scavenged text, etc.

For submissions to issue two the suggested maximum word-count is 500. As always, pithiness is encouraged.